MediaMedia provides consultations for editorial offices and sales departments of news media:

  • Development of news media (idea, editorial concept, management tools, technical development).
  • Lectures, seminars and trainings about media for companies and organizations.

I started MediaMedia as a simple news site in the summer of 2012, when there was almost no news about media and journalism. At first I made this site for myself, but then it turned out to be interesting to someone else.

The times of the news feed as an independent product are gone, but the name somehow tagged along. Therefore, I decided to leave it and use it in my work.

Until 2013, I worked as the head of the Perm branch of an advertising agency, commercial director of a digital printing house. At the same time, we published a client media for the telecom operator Дом.ру and an industrial journal for the Perm Ministry of Natural Resources.

Then for two years I was the editor-in-chief and editorial director of the regional socio-political publication (Zvezda / Star, Perm), which I created in 2014. In addition, I redesigned Perm news media, and also worked as the editorial director of the federal Russian glossy magazine (Ya pokupayu, Yekaterinburg) for a year.

At the same time, I was invited to various media seminars and trainings as a coach and consultant, where I could share my experience.

Now I am actively engaged in consulting. I advise editorial offices in Belarus (, Lithuania (Taurages Kurjeris), Latvia (,, Armenia (MediaLab, Hetq, Urbanista).

From time to time, I am still invited to hold seminars and give lectures on media: monetization, distribution, trends. The format is very useful to get listeners interested in these topic and give them reasons for changes. This is the first step towards redesigning business processes in the editorial office and sales department.

But if we talk about consultations, then I am convinced that the most effective format is to work with a specific editorial office, solving its specific tasks.

My name is Sergey Yakupov. Let’s try to work together: or in telegram — @yakupov.

See what questions we can answer and what tasks to solve by working together.

Also I am the program director of the Media Academy in Minsk. The Academy was launched in May 2020 by the Press Club team. And this is a very significant event for journalists and media managers in Belarus, where I have been living since 2018.

Are you curious to know how modern media works? How to transfer from “paper” mechanics of work to “digital”? Why are advertising sales in online media not what it seems? Is distribution really the first thing content media managers should think about? What ways of monetizing modern media, besides advertising, are there (we bet there are more than 10 of them?)? How to stop making money from advertising and start working for the audience?

In these formats of our cooperation, we will be able to answer these and other questions:

Seminars, trainings, lectures

  • Media Monetization: 11 Ways Without Ads.
  • Advertising model of monetization: process setup, tools, performance indicators, trend analysis.
  • Setup, update and analysis of metrics: what numbers are important, how to manage them and what decisions to make based on the analysis.
  • Media as a product: why newsrooms do not consider media as a product and how to change it.
  • Content distribution: process organization, platforms, formats, performance indicators.
  • Transition from print to digital: basic business processes, differences in the approach to formats.
  • Interaction between the newsroom and the sales department: organization of the work of departments.
  • Native advertising: tasks, formats, organization of production, sales.

Newsroom and Sales Department Consulting

We are ready to answer these questions with you:

  • How to organize the work of the newsroom?
  • How to organize content distribution, what are the goals of this process and what are the performance indicators?
  • How to set up the work of the sales department and what tools will be required for its work?

Content Project Management

We can complete these tasks together with you:

  • Development of the project concept and its editorial policy.
  • Distribution strategy development.
  • Selection of the project team.
  • Launching a project and maintaining it within a certain period.
You can contact us by e-mail or find us in telegram - @yakupov.

We are already working together with, Vecherniy Bobruisk (all in Belarus), Taurages Kurjeris, Etaplius (all — Lithuania),,, Baltic Media Center (all — Latvia), MediaLab, Hetq, Urbanista, 4Plus,, Media Initiatives Center (all — Armenia), RBC, Creative PR Studio Rodnya (all — Russia).