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Hello! This is Sergei Yakupov — founder of MediaMedia. I would like to restart my newsletter about media, but can’t figure out what it should look like to be interesting for the subscribers.

The newsletter will be biweekly. And I’ll start it on the Beehiive platform. Here is the link to subscribe. I hope to launch newsletter in January 2023.

So, I would like to ask you to spend 30 sec. and answer these simple questions. The first question is about the type of newsletter. You can choose single answer or all three of them.

What bi-weekly newsletter about media would be the best for you?

The second — about the focus. I think that business and technologies are the most interesting things in media to follow. And I do it everyday, reading a lot of news, articles, researches about it. And for the newsletter I would like to be focused. So, there is only one answer — what should I be focused on.

What should be the focus of the newsletter?