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🤔 TOP OF THE WEEK: Nieman Lab started to publish its annual prediction for media industry.

And here are some of already published predictions. All other predictions for 2023 you can find here (and here — the last year predictions, interesting to read if something goes as predicted).

Al Lucca (head of design and creative at Semafor):

— Modern digital design has drained all sentiment and inventiveness from products we use on a daily basis. From streaming platforms and shopping apps to, of course, news websites, everything looks the same. As a designer, I’d be excited to see the news industry bring back the uniqueness we used to see in printed newspapers — the content density, the grid (and how to break it in clever ways), the personality, the focus (Details)

Joanne McNeil (the author of Lurking: How a Person Became a User):

— Facebook spends a fortune lobbying Congress. But next year, the corporation might win back prominent members of the media with nothing more than a few freshly updated press releases. Watch for Facebook to reemerge, promoting itself as the sensible, mature alternative to Elon Musk’s Twitter chaos. This has happened before (Details)

Esther Kezia Thorpe (a media analyst and cofounder of Media Voices):

— Publishers could use subscriber-only podcasts or paid newsletters as ways to build a relationship with audiences who aren’t yet ready to pay for the full-price experience. Tortoise is just one publisher offering a podcast-only subscription to attract younger audiences to its journalism (Details)