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🇬🇧 Reach regional websites are on the top of the fastest-growing newsbrands in the UK in October.

There are four of Reach websites in the top 5 of the 50 biggest online news media.

Fastest-growing was Yorkshire Live (7.4 million visitors, up 56% month-on-month) followed by Chronicle Live (9.1 million, up 37%), Lancs Live (3.4 million, up 24%) and Liverpool Echo (13.1 million, up 19%).

The BBC is still the biggest UK newsbrand by audience (38 million visitors, 76% reach). The second is The S*n (28.9 million visitors, 58% reach) and another tabloid — Mirror is on the third place (23.4 million visitors, 47% reach).

Guardian — number four with 21,5 millions and 43% reach (just above Mail Online on the fifth).

Details: Press Gazette