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💡 WEEKEND NEWS. British prefer to watch World Cup on TV. Qatar’s beIN Sports blocked streaming World Cup via TOD TV to hit Saudi Arabia football fans. Shutterstock will sell AI-made stock images.

World Cup in Qatar:

🤡 Saudi Arabia football fans hoping to watch World Cup action on streaming service TOD TV claim the government has blocked the platform from screening the games. TOD TV, which holds the rights to show the World Cup in Saudi Arabia, is owned by Qatar’s beIN Sports Media Group / Advanced Television

⚽️ Ofcom: 69% of those British fans would like to watch World Cup on TV. Among younger audience — 51% prefer TV / Advanced Television

What else:

🆘 The BBC says journalist Ed Lawrence, who was covering protests in Shanghai, was detained for several hours and beaten by police, without a credible explanation / Guardian

🍃 The Washington Post has grown its climate and environment team from six in 2018 to now more than 30 people. The investment signifies the importance of the coverage area for the publisher as it chases young readers who, it says, are drawn to this topic area / Digiday

😉 A torrent site user accused of downloading and uploading at least 120TB of movies, TV shows, eBooks, music and software, has avoided an immediate prison term / Torrent Freak

🚷 Shutterstock has begun experimenting with using generative AI, an emerging innovation that lets people enter text-based “prompts” to generate unique computer-made digital images. In late October, the company announced a plan to sell AI-made stock images in collaboration with OpenAI / Digiday

🤷‍♂️ Twitter’s $5bn-a-year business hit as Elon Musk clashes with advertisers. For example, platform’s ads team has shrunk so much after layoffs that ad agencies complain its ads systems are now buggy and that they lack a point of contact there / FT