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🤔 ANALYTICS AND OPINIONS: 80% of your content is not worth to be published. Catch22. Median media industry salary in UK.
#mediaweek, vol.5

1️⃣ 80% of pageviews come from 20% (or less) of content. But it depends on topics, the size of the website and even on countries. For example, in UK 80% of page views come from 25,8% of content. In Japan — from just 12,5%. So… maybe 80% of your content is not worth to be published? / WNIP

2️⃣ Why are successful paywalls such a rarity in UK local press? The answers are in the size of the country, in BBC and in.. catch22 of course / PressGazette

3️⃣ Seven tips on producing a news series: think resource-friendly, consider lightweight options, brainstorming meetings are rarely useful for conjuring up ideas… / Journalism.co.uk

4️⃣ Almost a fifth of UK media worker make under £25,000 per year. And the median media industry salary reported by respondents to Press Gazette’s pay salary survey for 2022 was £41,700 / PressGazette

Opinion: Facts are free, but comment is sacred: the new reality for news publishers / Alan Hunter