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🔬 All the most important news from the week November 14-18 in 5 big issues of MediaWeek:

1. Top of the week — Protocol (aka «Politico for Tech») shuttered on Tuesday.

2. Mediabusiness — Podcasting is profitable, Forbes could cost ~$800M, Morning Brew is laying off.

3. Journalism — US are going to investigate reporter’s death in Palestine, NPR opens Kyiv bureau, Facebook won’t fact-check Trump.

4. Cases — Bloomberg Media is using AI to translate its video. German daily newspaper plays games with the audience. Footballco wants to earn money on FIFA World Cup

5. Analytics and Opinions — Young Americans do not like FM radio. How to earn on newsletters. Social media marketing trends for 2023.

On Monday there will be a short issue of Weekend News, and next Friday — MediaWeek.

Have a nice weekend! @mediamedia_en