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🤔 ANALYTICS AND OPINIONS: Young Americans do not like FM radio. How to earn on newsletters. Social media marketing trends for 2023.
#mediaweek, vol.5

1️⃣ A new study shows more young Americans are listening to news, podcasts, and audiobooks than ever. Nearly all of that growth comes from listening on digital devices like phones, computers, smart speakers, and internet-connected TVs — and not AM/FM radio / Nieman Lab

2️⃣ Podcasts and newsletters: 5 similarities and 1 huge difference: Both podcasts and newsletters are very individual media. Hosts are a big draw in podcasts and newsletters. Podcasts and newsletters creating superfans. The rest is in WNIP / WNIP

3️⃣ In a survey conducted by WAN-IFRA earlier this year, 82% of publishers said they planned to launch at least one newsletter in 2022, 66% were looking at launching between one and five, and 12% were considering more than 10. And how do the plan to build engagement and grow revenue? / WNIP

4️⃣ 50% increased open rates with a real person as a sender. The case of Dennik / The Fix

5️⃣ Hootsuite unveils top social media marketing trends for 2023: Google, who? Social search optimisation emerges as a make-or-break skill for marketers / Hootsuite

Opinion: «It is only by ignoring the torrent of low-quality information that people can focus on applying critical search skills to the remaining now-manageable pool of potentially relevant information» / Joshua Benton for Nieman Lab