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💡 CASES: Bloomberg Media is using AI to translate its video. German daily newspaper plays games with the audience. Footballco wants to earn money on FIFA World Cup.
#mediaweek, vol.4

1️⃣ Bloomberg Media is using artificial intelligence (AI) to translate and “localise” its video content for Spanish-speaking audiences in the US and Latin America. They use Papercup, which was founded in 2017. Papercup is already a partner of Sky News and Insider, and previously worked on a project with the BBC Africa Eye team. Clients of Papercup upload their videos on to the service, choose a target language and then receive a translated version / Press Gazette

2️⃣ Der Tagesspiegel, one of the most popular German daily newspapers, has built an immersive, in-person game with the hopes that players walk away with an understanding of how their local governments work (and possibly pique their interest in participating in the real thing). As part of its local news coverage, Tagesspiegel has 12 daily newsletters; one per district in Berlin. In a city with roughly 3.5 million residents, Tagesspiegel has between 300,000 and 400,000 subscribers across the dozen newsletters / Nieman Lab

3️⃣ How to monetize FIFA World Cup? Have a look at Footballco‘s strategy. It has acquired three more football publications in the years since it was sold by Dazn. And that will help them to earn ads money. That’s simple. But also they develop print magazine Mundial that they bought early 2022. Now it has more then 25 000 subscribers. Another way to earn money — is subscription. Footballco wants to almost double the price — to £60 by adding more things to that subscription package / Digiday