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💰 MEDIABUSINESS: Podcasting is profitable, Forbes could cost ~$800M, Morning Brew is laying off.
#mediaweek, vol.2

1️⃣ The consortium in exclusive talks to buy Forbes Media includes investment firms GSV Ventures and SUN Group (India), and the deal would value Forbes at ~$800M. By the way, SUN Group has been in talks with Forbes about a potential deal for years / Axios

2️⃣ The editor of the UK’s Tortoise says podcasting is profitable for the slow news publisher and the “bedrock of everything we do”, despite huge investment costs / Press Gazette

3️⃣ Kelsey Darragh, former staffer of BuzzFeed doing a documentary about BuzzFeed. The filmmaker say they plan to track BuzzFeed’s “rapid ascent and dominance in the early days of viral video,” but it’s not all clicks and soaring traffic / Variety

4️⃣ Newsletter Morning Brew is laying off 14% of its staff. CEO Austin Rief says the cuts are due to “a lot of fear and uncertainty” in the economy which is spooking advertisers / Max Tani

5️⃣ The Financial Times launched Fashion Matters, a weekly newsletter on the intersection of business, culture, politics and style. FT fashion editor Lauren Indvik will be the editor of the new project. She was the founding editor-in-chief of Vogue Business / FT

Interview: Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner on expanding Politico to foreign capitals by adding 100-150 staff (and nothing about Protocol that was closed this week) / NY Magazine