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🤔 Media Insight Project‘s report: Gen Z and Millennials follow prefer to read «news you can use» more then «hard news».

News you can use:

→ traffic, transportation, and weather (follows by 21%);
→ COVID-19 information (follows by 20%);
→ health or mental health (follows by 15%).

Hard news:

→ national politics and government (15%);
→ social issues — abortion, gun policy, or LGBTQ issues (15%);
→ crime and public safety (13%).

What else:

→ Facebook remains the most-used social media platform for all six of the most-followed topics. I.e. for national politics, Facebook (25%) is rivaled by YouTube (23%) and Twitter (20%). As to TikTok young people often use it for news about social issues (where 19% of close followers use it) and health or mental health (12%).

→ Eighty percent of those who say they follow crime and safety most often have no college degree, compared to the 67% of the overall population ages 16 to 40.

→ Local news media — including local TV stations and local newspapers — are key sources that Gen Z and Millennials use to get information about crime, COVID-19, and traffic and weather.

→ Gen Z and Millennials who prefer some topics, like national politics, are more likely to pay for news than those who prefer other topics

Source: American Press Institute

About the authors of this report: Media Insight Project is a collaboration of The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute.