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💡 Committee to Protect Journalists issued a guide for the journalists who are going to cover FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Why it is important: Be aware that Qatar authorities are likely to have an access to everything you do during the World Cup. The country has been repeatedly accused of violating human rights (i.e. during the construction of infrastructure for the World Cup). Besides, the country’s authorities are extremely intolerant on issues of gender identity, dress code and behavior. So you need to be prepared before you go to Doha.

In brief:

— Leave your devices at home. Wipe an old phone and laptop or purchase new ones for travel (you’ll need to install COVID tracking app that can be collecting your data, so install it on this phone, not your usual one).

— Create a new work email specifically for the trip.

— Assume your hotel room is under surveillance.

— Keep your devices with you at all times if you can.

— Wipe your devices and check in with your IT department on return.

Details: CPJ