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MediaMedia is the consultancy for news media: editorial, sales, content distribution. We help create news media (idea, editorial concept, tools, web development). We do lectures, seminars, trainings for news media, companies, organisations.

Contact us: hi@mediamedia.me

What can we do for you:

  • monetization strategy;
  • setup your sales department and sales strategy;
  • tools for sales department;
  • setup your newsroom and all editorial processes;
  • tools for newsroom;
  • content distribution strategy;
  • newsletter’s strategy;
  • website audit;
  • lectures, seminars and workshops on wide range of topics (sales, editorial, SMM, SEO).

And we can even create a media for you or develop a product.

Our products:

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Sergei Yakupov

Sergei Yakupov

MediaMedia founder, media analyst, consultant and publisher (Lisbon, Portugal)