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MediaMedia is the consultancy for news media and content marketing departments of the companies.

Why work with us:

  • Experience and everlasting learning (20+ years in news media and going on to be in shape).
  • Focus on results (not just to be informed).
  • Looking outside the box (to be openminded).

Right decisions start with right questions. Ask us: hi@mediamedia.me

 How can we help to make right decisions:

  • 🤖 Generative AI in news media (why and how use it, how it can help create, distribute content and manage the processes).
  • 💰 Business and monetization (the best ways to make money).
  • 💡 Development strategy (where and why to go).
  • 📬 Platforms and distribution (how, where and why deliver the content to the audience).
  • 📉 Media and market analysis (business, content, market opportunities).

(and we can even create a media for you or develop a product)

How can we do it (both remote and on-site):

  • lectures;
  • seminars;
  • workshops;
  • long term (1-3 months) consultancy;
  • short term (1-14 days) consultancy.
Our partners and clients:
Sergei Yakupov

Sergei Yakupov

MediaMedia and Botsever.co founder, media analyst, consultant and publisher (Lisbon, Portugal)